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Truly Private Cremation - is a cremation procedure in which only ONE pet's body is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation procedure and the cremated remains of that pet are returned to the owner.

Individual Cremation - is a cremation procedure during which several pets are present in the cremation chamber. These pets are separated/segregated from each other by a physical barrier during the cremation procedure and upon the completion of the cremation the cremated remains of the specific pets are returned to their owner.

(This is generally the only type of cremation procedure that other pet cremation providers offer that allows for the return of a pet's cremated remains. The other providers commonly refer to this type of cremation as an "Individual or Segregated Cremation". Because of this, some people mistakenly interpret and/or represent this to mean only one pet will be cremated at a time, in other words private. Please know that individual does not mean private). Also Note: While we exercise every precaution and use a very specialized segregation method to keep pets separate from one another during this type of cremation procedure the possibility of active commingling of cremated remains can occur during an Individual Cremation.

Communal Cremation

Burial - Areas of consideration with this decision are: Will this town/county/development allow pet burials? Will you always live in this area or have access to this burial ground

                                                                                          Final Good-Bye

Many families want to have that one last time to visit their pet after death, a visitation or wake if you will. While this may seem like a trivial thing - or possibly something that you consider morbid and odd, this one last time with your pet is valuable time spent. When the family pet dies, it is often the child's first exposure to death and can cause him or her to feel confused and upset. This gathering of family during this visitation helps the child to understand death, supports them in their grieving process and is used as a valuable tool for parents in explaining death as a natural event in life.

Many times family members, friends and other pets in the household will want to have their final goodbye with your pet too. Pets touch so many people during their short lives with us. Allow those around you the opportunity to come together, pay their respects, and support each other.

(Please know that our staff has been trained in the proper procedures and care techniques to ensure that your pet is groomed and presentable for the Final Good-Bye).

My family and I will want a Final Good-Bye Time with our pet:

(Please be sure to mark your decision on our cremation authorization form at time of request for services)

* Yes

* No

The Remembrance / Funeral Service

Many families also wish to have a remembrance service, where family and friends can come together to pay their respects, and support you in your loss. Do you wish to have a service of remembrance for your pet?  

* Yes 

* No

Your Pet's Tribute

Just like the decisions you made earlier, making a decision about memorializing your pet is a very personal process. Your final selection should reflect the life shared with your pet, your life style, your personal style, and those "little things" which reflect your pet's unique personality.

Do you wish to create a tribute in honor of your animal companion?

* Yes

* No

Your Pet's Story

Pet Tribute is an online pet obituary that is designed for you, the pet parent as a way to honor your pet's life and share their story with others. By sharing a Pet Tribute you will not only embrace the memories of your pet but you will create a permanent place for yourself, your family and your friends to return to as you remember your faithful companion that brought so much happiness. Their story may be shared with words, pictures, video and music and will be displayed on our website for other pet lovers to see and read. Please feel free to add a Pet Tribute at your convenience or we would be glad to help you

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